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Writing to Learn - (e-book)


"Writing to Learn" offers a powerful approach that not only enhances students' subject-specific literacy but also nurtures their ability to think critically and express themselves eloquently.

This comprehensive guidebook presents a systematic framework to help students master curriculum subjects through the process of writing. Using scaffolded writing tasks, students will embark on a journey of intellectual growth and discovery, unlocking their true potential. Here's what you can expect from "Writing to Learn":

1. Amplifying Learning: Students will delve deep into curriculum knowledge through purposeful writing activities, gaining a profound understanding of subjects while actively engaging with the material.

2. Expanding Vocabulary: Empower students to use sophisticated, academic, and subject-specific vocabulary in their writing. "Writing to Learn" provides strategies to help students articulate their thoughts effectively and confidently.

3. Developing Subject-Specific Literacy: Foster a more profound comprehension of various subjects, including geographical literacy and more, by integrating writing to explore and retain knowledge.

4. Crafting Coherent Sequences of Thoughts: Guide students in developing fully-formed ideas, from constructing simple topic sentences to crafting multi-paragraph essays. With "Writing to Learn," students will enhance their ability to express themselves with clarity and coherence.

5. Mastery of Grammar: Enable students to convey their ideas with precision and impact by employing correct grammar. The book emphasises the importance of grammar in enhancing writing clarity.

6. Audience Awareness: Encourage students to consider the purposes and audiences for their writing, fostering practical communication skills tailored to specific contexts.

For teachers, "Writing to Learn" offers invaluable support in planning purposeful writing activities that align with the powerful knowledge taught in the classroom. The book provides a structured and systematic approach to scaffold the writing process, enabling educators to assess students' progress and growth formatively. Moreover, it introduces a clear whole-school model for subject-specific writing, fostering consistency and coherence across year groups.

The heart of "Writing to Learn" lies in its three types of scaffolded tasks: Golden Sentences, Golden Paragraphs, and Golden Essays. These progressive activities allow teachers to cater to the diverse needs of students, providing appropriate support while gradually reducing it to foster independent writing skills.

It is important to note that the book emphasises direct instruction through modelled and scaffolded activities as the pathway to independence. Using 21 carefully crafted exercises and a wealth of examples, "Writing to Learn" equips teachers with a comprehensive toolkit to foster students' learning, deepen their understanding, and long-term retention of curriculum knowledge.

Unlock the potential within your students and revolutionise the way they engage with curriculum subjects. Order your copy of "Writing to Learn" today and embark on a transformative journey of academic excellence.

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