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The Essentials Curriculum Website


Everything you need to plan for progression in Disciplinary Knowledge.

The Essentials Curriculum provides all the necessary tools to plan for progress in Disciplinary Knowledge. Structured over three Milestones — Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2, and Upper Key Stage 2— the curriculum outlines the key disciplinary aspects of each subject. This structure enables schools to apply these aspects to any substantive topic.

Please see the downloads below to see examples of how the Essentials Curriculum is structured.

The Essentials Curriculum website gives access to up to 15 users from one school (more users can be purchased if required).

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 Immediate delivery to your Chris Quigley Education account ready for you to download.

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent CPD over the past 8 years which has led to us gaining 'Outstanding' in all areas in our May 24 inspection. No AFIs either! The meticulously planned curriculum is all down to Chris's fab CPD!

 The curriculum is meticulously planned. The curriculum in each subject is designed so that pupils revisit important concepts. This helps pupils build on what they know. The school prioritises language and communication in the curriculum. Pupils learn subject-specific vocabulary so that they can understand and talk about what they are learning…. The curriculum is delivered by skilled staff. They receive high-quality training and use the latest research further to enhance their teaching…. Lessons have been carefully structured so that feedback and retrieval activities are at the start of all lessons.

Inspection of St George’s Catholic Voluntary Academy 8 and 9 May 2024


Rachael Snowdon-Poole
Headteacher - St George's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Derby