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What makes us different?

nonconformity    Rebellious spirit and lofty ambition

We have a rebellious spirit and a lofty ambition: to question practices that aren't based on evidence and help schools become informed and equipped to deliver world-class education.

Why the rebellious spirit? Often founded on little or no evidence, educational fads contribute to unnecessary teacher workload. We are rebelling against fads and fashions and turning to evidence-informed practices that, although may not always be easy, have been proven to be worthwhile.


research  Evidence-informed practices

We read the research avidly, synthesise it into easy-to-understand chunks for our courses, and use it wisely to create our resources.

  • In our courses, we explain the research clearly
  • In our resources, we apply the research practically
  • In our consultancy, we work with you to apply the research to your context.

We always substantiate our work with references to the research we have used.  Courses and resources are accompanied by a thorough reading list so you can deepen your knowledge further.


inspire  We inspire

In all of our work, we aim to inspire teachers to inspire students.  Our course presenters are engaging and bring a wealth of knowledge to their presentations.  Our resources are user-friendly and highly practical.


evolve  We evolve

The more we learn, the more we evolve.  Evidence is continually developing, and, as it does, we update our courses and materials accordingly.  We aim to keep you as up to date as possible with the latest research.