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More Creative Themes for Learning - E Book


Be Inspired

Go on an Australian Adventure, investigate history's Great and Ghastly Events, Lift the Teacher or discover the Land of the Free!

More Creative Themes for Learning KS1 and KS2 provide 25 inspiring and exciting cross-curricular themes for teaching the entire geography, history and design technology curriculum. Each theme is linked to the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum at the appropriate milestone.

All themes come with some fantastic ideas for art, writing and using maths. Teacher notes and skills progression information accompany each theme. 

Key Stage 1 themes:

  • Lift the Teacher and other marvellous mechanisms
  • Post a Pringle and other Megastructures
  • From Field to Fork
  • Extreme Weather
  • Amazing Places and Spaces in the UK
  • Australian Adventure
  • Cracking Ideas
  • Great and Ghastly Events
  • Let's Remember

Key Stage 2 themes:

  • Balloon Blaster and other mechanisms challenges
  • Shake Things Up and Other Structures challenges
  • Art Bot and other electronics challenges
  • Make a Banana Keyboard and other control challenges
  • Land of the Free
  • Eurovision
  • Land of Hope and Glory
  • Earthquakes, Zones and Volcanoes
  • Buildings
  • Rich and Poor
  • Language
  • The Arts
  • Transport and Trade
  • Conflict
  • Achievements and Legacies
  • Beliefs

Please note that this not a scheme of work, it contains ideas for teachers to deliver an exciting and engaging curriculum to children. More Creative Themes provide a cross-curricular approach which is a different approach to the Curriculum Companions.


Item cost:

 Immediate delivery to your Chris Quigley Education account ready for you to download.