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Our courses draw on the latest peer-review research to help schools develop and implement their curriculum.

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent CPD over the past 8 years which has led to us gaining 'Outstanding' in all areas in our May 24 inspection. No AFIs either! The meticulously planned curriculum is all down to Chris's fab CPD!

 The curriculum is meticulously planned. The curriculum in each subject is designed so that pupils revisit important concepts. This helps pupils build on what they know. The school prioritises language and communication in the curriculum. Pupils learn subject-specific vocabulary so that they can understand and talk about what they are learning…. The curriculum is delivered by skilled staff. They receive high-quality training and use the latest research further to enhance their teaching…. Lessons have been carefully structured so that feedback and retrieval activities are at the start of all lessons.

Inspection of St George’s Catholic Voluntary Academy 8 and 9 May 2024


Rachael Snowdon-Poole
Headteacher - St George's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Derby

The course Chris delivered, Curriculum Design & Implementation, was very informative. Staff were inspired to go away and make the adjustments needed to improve our practice. It was really useful to get a clear definition of the types of knowledge and how that works with implementation. I would highly recommend to others and would rate our booking as 10/10.

Steph Burgoyne, Head Teacher
St Andrew's CE Primary School, Shropshire

All the ideas from the Five a Day - supporting students with additional needs in a mainstream class course that could be used in class were helpful and Teachers were very keen to use some of the ideas, like exit tickets, back in the classroom. It was really helpful that it fitted so clearly with our retrieval practice training last year and previous work on our whole-school curriculum. Delivery was fast-paced and Lesley was easy to listen to and engage with. She combined the theory with workable, practical ideas which were well received. I would rate my booking as very high quality - it was informative, based in research and easy to apply to the classroom and our children's needs. Thank-you!

Nicky Chesshire, Deputy Headteacher
North Heath CP School, West Sussex

Matt delivered our Retrieval Practice course, in person, for this group.

The whole day's training was extremely engaging and thought provoking. Matt is an excellent speaker whose very personable style always captures and holds the attention and interest of all those present.

Richard Queenborough, Director of Learning
Portico Academy Trust, Essex

Great feedback from Ofsted for one of the schools we work with. The school also uses our Essentials Curriculum:

The school has established a well-designed, broad and ambitious curriculum. It
clearly sets out and sequences the important information that pupils need to know
in all subjects from the early years to Year 6. This helps pupils to build on what they
already know. Ofsted School Report November 2023

Thank you for all your support in helping me get our curriculum off the ground.  Couldn't have done it without Chris Quigley Associates. The curriculum comments are about the Essentials Curriculum. 


Ellie Rowe, Headteacher
The Grove Primary School, Cambridge

Chris gives so many practical ideas that can be used in school to drive improvement. Chris has the expertise to deal with questions effectively. I would rate my booking as outstanding.

Ian Beardmore
Educational Associates Ltd, Staffordshire

Chris delivered a bespoke session on breaking down lessons to promote retention, not just imparting knowledge for foundation subjects. The school are using Rosenshine's principles of instruction but need to break these down for pupils with visual examples for subjects.

All content was very useful but particularly practical strategies and modelled examples of how to implement different principles. Excellent, informative and inspiring.

Diane George, Deputy Head and SENDco
All Saints C of E Primary School, Croyden

Making it Stick - the science of successful learning:

The training really brought together each of the areas we are currently embedding across school, particularly around our curriculum and our reading spines. The psychology of how the mind retains long term information was really informative and made both myself and my colleagues really think about our current delivery methods. We will now look at our teaching practices in light of the training. What I felt particularly useful was the slides which were shared with us - between now and the next meeting, I can use these to plan some further 'embedding' work to ensure that the strategies delivered by Robin are receiving solid groundwork. This will then able colleagues to build on this further prior to his return in February. I found the content to be extremely well researched, and embedded in tried and tested classroom routines and strategies - this was clearly evident. The delivery was animated too - even though it was a twilight on a cold December evening, Robin kept every member of staff engaged until the end of the session. I would highly recommend this to other schools. Five stars - extremely efficient and organised.

Gillian Wilson, Headteacher
St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy, Bradford