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Pebbles - The tiny steps towards a milestone (e-book)


New format - PDF Version

Some pupils need to focus on tiny steps to help them continue their learning journey. That’s the idea of Pebbles. It is a curriculum for pupils who are not ready to work on the milestones from our Essentials Curriculum.

Pebbles has been carefully researched and prepared by Dr Sue Fisher. I first met Sue ten years ago, and her passion for helping all pupils achieve their very best made a lasting impression. I also learned of her frustration that the expertise of those working in special schools was not always available to those in mainstream schools. I am therefore delighted that Sue agreed to share with others her powerful and excellent understanding of the needs of pupils who, by the nature of their needs, will only make tiny steps of progress. Pebbles has been designed for pupils in mainstream schools with Special Educational Needs. Chris Quigley


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