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Relationships and Personal Development in the Primary Curriculum

Discover how to plan an effective relationships and personal development curriculum

Created and Led by
Lesley Minervini
9.30-3.00 or equivalent
Online or in-person

Why is this course relevant and of interest?

For many years, Ofsted has prioritised outcomes over the substance of education. As a result, many schools have had little time to develop a robust and well-thought-out, systematic personal development curriculum. Now that this will be a crucial judgement in inspection, separate from the judgement on welfare and behaviour, it is essential that schools think about the intent, implementation and impact of their personal development curriculum.

Advance your understanding of:

  • The meaning, nature and scope of personal development, to include the core themes of:
    • What is a healthy lifestyle? (Physical and Mental well-being)
    • What is a healthy relationship?
  • How to become a responsible, respectful and active citizen.
    • Developing pupils’ character.
    • Keeping safe.
    • Developing a context and age appropriate policy for SRE.
  • How to develop a clear, research-based intent for your personal development curriculum.
  • How extra-curricular opportunities support this intent.
  • How to create curriculum expectations for personal development.
  • How to evaluate the substance and quality of the experiences you provide for pupils.
  • How to implement a well-structured personal development curriculum.

Take away:

  • Insight into how to create a curriculum of real substance that is research-based.
  • A framework for evaluating your personal development curriculum.
  • A suggested policy framework for Relationships Education.

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Evidence Informed
Evidence Informed
All our courses are based on peer-reviewed research.
Practical and inspiring
Practical and inspiring
We bridge the gap between evidence and practice.
Versatile environments
Versatile environments
We offer a choice between on-demand and live courses.
Useful resources and a good coverage of topics.
Some really good ideas.
Ensuring our curriculum is suited to our families. A great course, thank you!
Great reflection points and great resources.
Understanding the ‘breadth’ of personal development was useful. Another great Quigley course!
Breaking down personal development and understanding the impact on cognitive abilities was useful. Great Presenter! Really informative day! Amazing course as always!
The leader’s subject knowledge and the links to websites and examples were useful.
Signposting to use documents/books.
Physical Health – lots of ideas that we can implement.

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