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Making It Stick: The science of successful learning

Chris will guide you through some of the most important findings from Cognitive Scientists and how you can apply their findings to make learning stick.

Created and Led by
Chris Quigley
9.30-3.00 or equivalent
Online or in-person


Chris will guide you through some of the most important findings from Cognitive Scientists and how you can apply their findings to make learning stick.


  • 5 Cognitive principles fully explained
  • Discover how students learn
  • Explore practical ways to implement the research

Why this course is important

Some of the research findings will challenge some of the most entrenched ideas around teaching and learning strategies and how we think about progress.  This course covers the theory and practice of effective learning.

Advance your understanding of

Amongst the practical strategies explained, Chris will help you to understand:

  • cognitive load theory
  • the benefits of forgetting
  • storage and retrieval strength
  • spacing
  • interleaving
  • the testing effect
  • metacognition
  • the problems with blocking
  • retrieval practise.

Take away

• 76 practical strategies to implement the principles.

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Evidence Informed
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Practical and inspiring
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Versatile environments
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Making it Stick - the science of successful learning:

The training really brought together each of the areas we are currently embedding across school, particularly around our curriculum and our reading spines. The psychology of how the mind retains long term information was really informative and made both myself and my colleagues really think about our current delivery methods. We will now look at our teaching practices in light of the training. What I felt particularly useful was the slides which were shared with us - between now and the next meeting, I can use these to plan some further 'embedding' work to ensure that the strategies delivered by Robin are receiving solid groundwork. This will then able colleagues to build on this further prior to his return in February. I found the content to be extremely well researched, and embedded in tried and tested classroom routines and strategies - this was clearly evident. The delivery was animated too - even though it was a twilight on a cold December evening, Robin kept every member of staff engaged until the end of the session. I would highly recommend this to other schools. Five stars - extremely efficient and organised.

Gillian Wilson, Headteacher
St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy, Bradford

This was a very informative course. Lots of ideas and points to consider. Thank you. 

Chloe Purves

Excellent course - so interesting and enjoyable but challenging so much that we have always been encouraged to do!

Lorna Sandmann


A very valuable day. I really benefitted from Chris using the same techniques/strategies himself that he was advocating. Lots to think about and share with colleagues. Thank you :)

Lisa Norman

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