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Curriculum Companion Early Years - (e-book)


Everything you need to plan for the successful implementation of the new EYFS Framework 

  • Curriculum Design considerations
  • Threshold Concepts and Big Ideas
  • Progression Milestones
  • Curriculum Sequencing, including specific guidance on 1) Learning experiences, 2) Continuous provision, 3) Outdoor environments, 4) Purposeful pedagogy and 5) Learning conversations.
  • Advice on workload friendly assessment
  • Links to the KS1 curriculum and advice for transition
  • EYFS leader resources, including background knowledge
  • Questions to prepare EYFS leaders for inspection.

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Item cost:
1-contents-curriculum-companion-early-years 2-introduction-curriculum-companion-early-years 3-introcont-curriculum-companion-early-years 4-curriculum-companion-early-years 5-breadth-curriculum-companion-early-years 6-progression-curriculum-companion-early-years 7-progression2-curriculum-companion-early-years 8-progression3-curriculum-companion-early-years 9-curriculumseq-curriculum-companion-early-years 10-assessment-curriculum-companion-early-years 11-assessment2-curriculum-companion-early-years 12-readytolearn-curriculum-companion-early-years

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If I purchase the Curriculum Companion for Early Years am I getting more than what is in Development Matters?

The answer is YES!

The Early Learning Goals are just that, Goals.

What the Companion does is to help you to build a curriculum which meets the Early Learning Goals.

The Companion has a progression framework which takes 5 areas of provision:

Learning experiences

Continuous provision

Outdoor environment

Purposeful pedagogy

Learning conversations

These areas of provision are guided by different threshold concepts e.g.:

Communication conveys meaning

Gross motor skills

Becoming a friend


are just a few.

There are then suggested activities and experiences for Nursery (N), the first half of Reception (R1) and the second half of Reception ( R2) as follows which equates to over 120 pages.

N, R1 and R2 are the equivalent of the Milestones in the Essentials Curriculum.

All of the above are above and beyond what is in Development Matters.