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Greater Depth in Science

This course will help science leaders to review the intent and implementation of their science curriculum.

Created and Led by
Chris Quigley
Typical study time 4 - 6 hours
Target Audience
Curriculum Leaders, Subject Leaders, Science Leaders


This course will help science leaders to review the intent and implementation of their science curriculum.

  • Review the intent and implementation of your science curriculum
  • How to ensure curriculum progression
  • Evidence informed teaching of science

Learn about:

  • The latest cognitive science research into how we learn and its implications for curriculum design and implementation (teaching).
  • The role of cultural capital in science
  • Designing a progression model (including greater depth)
  • Cognitive Load Theory and its impact on progression
  • The role of pedagogical style in promoting progress
  • Sequencing of the curriculum
  • Teaching approaches
  • Pedagogical content knowledge in science.

Why this course is relevant or important:

Although science is a core subject, it has not received as much attention as the other core subjects – maths and English.

This course will provide science leaders with an overview of the latest research into effective curriculum design and how to plan for students’ greater depth of understanding.

Take away:

  • A clear framework for evaluating your science curriculum
  • Examples of how to create a progression model for science.

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