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Role: Associate Consultant

Since starting out as a teacher nearly 20 years ago, Robin has enjoyed working in a range of educational settings in the UK and in Africa. Robin works with Head Teacher colleagues and Senior Leaders to develop more purposeful, engaging and relevant curricula.

Robin delivered the Greater Depth in Science Course for this school's inset day. The section on the type of enquiry has already prompted us to review the way we deliver this in our practice. For example, we have immediately changed a section on our learning intentions for Science to include the type of enquiry symbols so it helps the children to remember the type of enquiry they carried out. We will be using the type of enquiry symbols around displays too. I thought it was excellent CPD as did the staff.

Ronan Walsh, Headteacher
Gobowen Primary School, Shropshire

The links made to Rosenshine were very useful as many schools have already covered this in recent years. We quite liked the golden sentence ideas and how this approach could support pupils with SEN show their full understanding in a safe way. This is something we look forward to trialling. Robin was a great speaker who presented the Five a Day- supporting pupils with additional needs in a mainstream class course in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. We know we are always getting a high level of competence and quality when we book with Chris Quigley Education. I would rate our booking very highly - the booking process is clear and communication is a strength. Thank you for a great morning.

Dan Bowden, Headteacher
Greenvale Primary School, Croyden

Robin has provided excellent curriculum guidance and support to the primary schools in our Trust over a number of sessions, adapting his approach to the needs of each school. It enabled all schools to really consider the philosophy behind our curriculums, the quality of our current provision and ways to enhance this even further. Robin was professional, motivational and reassuring throughout and his manner made each day a thoroughly positive and helpful experience. We would highly recommend him.

Rebecca Clare
Trust Lead for Quality of Education, Castle Phoenix Trust, Coventry

Making it Stick - the science of successful learning:

The training really brought together each of the areas we are currently embedding across school, particularly around our curriculum and our reading spines. The psychology of how the mind retains long term information was really informative and made both myself and my colleagues really think about our current delivery methods. We will now look at our teaching practices in light of the training. What I felt particularly useful was the slides which were shared with us - between now and the next meeting, I can use these to plan some further 'embedding' work to ensure that the strategies delivered by Robin are receiving solid groundwork. This will then able colleagues to build on this further prior to his return in February. I found the content to be extremely well researched, and embedded in tried and tested classroom routines and strategies - this was clearly evident. The delivery was animated too - even though it was a twilight on a cold December evening, Robin kept every member of staff engaged until the end of the session. I would highly recommend this to other schools. Five stars - extremely efficient and organised.

Gillian Wilson, Headteacher
St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy, Bradford

We booked the 2 Day Assessment across the Primary Curriculum Course to be delivered in person to our group of 100 delegates. We found the differences about AFL, Formative & Summative Assessment and ideas to be used for AFL very useful. Robin's knowledge and skills as a presenter to engage the audience were also great. I would rate our booking as excellent - high quality training and interesting content with new ideas.

Cathy Carlisle, CEO
Soke Education Trust

The whole morning was extremely useful. Robin was exceptionally good at 'reading the room' and ensured that his delivery matched the needs of our schools. The feedback I received from all of our 7 schools was how useful, practical and informative the session was. Thank you!

Sally Bevan, Primary Improvement Lead
EQUA Multi Academy Trust

This school booked a support call to help them with a specific area of planning:

A clear explanation of the planning process was disseminated in a clear and supportive way. The staff were very appreciative of the quality time that Robin gave them. They were able to ask questions and discuss points they were unsure of. This session gave them the understanding they needed to plan the history curriculum for this year. I can't tell you how positive the staff were after this session. They have been so motivated ever since and have shared their learning with other members of staff who could not attend. Thank you so much Robin.

Sue Thompson, Headteacher
The Ryde School, Hertfordshire

The day was all very well planned and all aspects of the course (Writing to Learn across the Curriculum) were informative, tested our knowledge and challenged our thinking. I liked that learning was layered and repeated and thus key messages were heard several times. 5 stars, excellent delivery and content - Robin was warm, friendly, knowledgeable and real - totally understood the context of schools and the workload of teachers.

Jenny Stone, Headteacher
Fairfield Park Lower School, Herts

The whole event was extremely useful and enjoyable. It captured the interest and enthusiasm of our staff right from Early Years through to Year 6. Lots to get us all thinking about our practice and how we can further improve it.

Richard Queenborough
West Leigh Junior School

Robin is an engaging trainer – he made people feel comfortable, valued, listened to and respected. The online work some of our staff have done with CQE has been really high-quality and it was excellent to see this in person. A Superb day! Thank you.

Chris Florey, Headteacher, Seacroft Grange Primary School, Leeds

We had a fantastic professional development day with Robin. He adapted the Infusing Rich Vocabulary materials to create an inspiring, ideas driven day which our teachers took so much from. Particular thanks to Robin for the preparation in advance by taking the time to meet the headteachers remotely to plan the day, as well as including and leading a responsive session within the day we planned. Everything has been trouble free – from booking, meeting Robin, the sharing of materials and the day itself. Thank you.

Tom Gunson, IP12 Partnership via Kyson Primary School, Suffolk

The day was a feast of information about how Writing for Learning can be embedded across the curriculum. We loved learning about how we could create ‘golden’ sentences and paragraphs within all subjects. It was great to have many examples of this so teachers could see how it would work and how they could embed these simply and effectively. The use of conjunctions to build sentences was especially useful and has already been adopted as a first step.  I would rate my booking as 10/10 - thank you to Robin for his enthusiasm and knowledge, and ensuring that all our staff (including support staff) felt valued and involved with the training.

Emily Creighton, Assistant Headteacher, Falconhurst School, Milton Keynes
The whole day was incredible and very well received from our trainees. Robin had such an engaging and mesmerising teaching presence, which successfully sparked enthusiasm for teaching and learning. It was the perfect way to set the trainees up for embarking on their final placements. Robin had effectively thought about a range of strategies to hook the students in and maintain their engagement throughout. It was absolutely brilliant from start to finish!
Elizabeth Farrar, Senior Lecturer, Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincolnshire
The talk by Robin Bone last Wednesday was phenomenal. I feel greedy that only us historians got to revel in his knowledge. What he said about layering knowledge and repetition has really stuck with me. They sound like obvious concepts, but it’s usually the obvious that we overlook. I would really recommend him to be utilised more within the PGCE lectures.
PGCE Student, Liverpool Hope University
Robin was absolutely fantastic! He knew what we needed as a school, and was honest, but didn’t scare everyone when discussing where we currently are. It was a great day spent as a team discussing our current curriculum, what we’re missing and how we can make it even better. We will be using Chris Quigley History and Geography to start us off and are excited to be starting this journey. It really was a fantastic day and just what was needed as we design our curriculum together. As a new Headteacher it was perfect!
Mrs Claire Jones, Headteacher, Eccleston Primary School, Chorley
The day was fantastic, thank you. It was made so by Robin taking the time before the day to discuss with me our present position and what we needed to get out of the day. He then tailored the day to our needs. Also, it was really helpful that Robin had great knowledge on curriculum design. He used questioning to get us to stay focused and work on what our curriculum would look like. It was a fabulous day, with lots of curriculum development, thanks.
Tracey Hart, Headteacher, Tatworth Primary School, Somerset
I just wanted to send an email directly to you to say just how fabulous the training was last night that Robin ran. He is inspirational - he led and facilitated the whole afternoon brilliantly – it was even better than I had hoped. He was so flexible and accommodating to what we wanted out of the session and I even dare suggest he really did get what we are aspiring to do with our curriculum development, however unique and innovative! He showed genuine passion and excitement for the journey that we are on which came through in the training session. All my team were super enthused about the session and all now want to know when the next curriculum staff meeting is going to be to carry on the discussions!!!!! And to you – thank you for persisting with me and managing to get this session booked in – it was absolutely worth the wait!
Mrs Sallie Dodd, Principal, Brambles Primary Academy, Huddersfield
Robin was brilliant!!! The content was exactly what I wanted. Definitely happy I chose the Chris Quigley Curriculum to start this journey, well worth the money. Thank you.
Tracy O'Malley, Headteacher, Henry Bradley Infant School, Derbyshire
The whole day was amazing. Robin added humour and presentation on how to get the best from pupils' learning, and made our staff feel at ease. Resources and pre-course meeting really helped achieve our objectives. It was just what I had requested and the pace and way in which Robin delivered was perfect. I spoke to several teachers yesterday and there was a real buzz about the concepts and the importance of repetition. It was joy to my ears! I know we are only at the start of the journey and there is a great deal more to do. I am confident now, though, that we can all start to look at this from the same page. 5*.
Heidi Hughes, Headteacher, Bristol Grammar Infant & Junior School, Bristol
Robin was excellent. I appreciated being able to talk to Robin directly before the training day. Delivery was very good given the circumstances (virtual inset). The content / hand out were clear and explained well with specific examples. Staff were given appropriate opportunities to discuss the content in terms of their role and the context of our school. This was welcomed. Staff were very positive about the training and now know how their leadership role is able to develop further. I would rate the quality of my booking as outstanding. Thank you.
Andrea Cunningham, Deputy Headteacher, Swinton Queen Primary School, Rotherham
The entire day was excellent and very well-planned and delivered. I felt that during the preliminary call, Robin had really listened to our school context and applied this throughout the training. This was a socially distanced training session but it still had the energy and pace needed. Excellent from start to finish – thank you to the team and especially Robin.
Louise Stewart, Headteacher, Charter Primary School, Coventry
Robin was brilliant and the day was incredibly useful. You go to local events and you get a parochial input. This was education input born from experience, backed up by cognitive theory and research. Class from the word go!
Stephen Tapley, Headteacher, William Alvey Primary School, Lincs
Excellent! Current, interesting, well delivered, engaging and very thought provoking. Thank you, Robin!
Jemma Joakim, Deputy Headteacher, Royal High Prep School, Bath
The staff and I were delighted with Robins delivery, knowledge and advice that he could give - will definitely recommend to other schools.
Lisa Salters, Headteacher, St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School, Liverpool
This is the second time we have booked Robin. Our staff have responded really well to the CPD and gave excellent feedback. The training has made a genuine impact on how teachers are planning and delivering lessons/projects.
Rachael Littlefair, KS1 Lead, Blackrod Primary School, Bolton
Please pass on my sincere thanks to Robin for his hard work in preparing such a personalised day for us. It was the best value for money CPD we have had for a long time. When my staff, as well as those we have invited to join us for the training, all go out of their way to email me and thank me for organising the day, I know it has been a good training session; I even had a personal thank you from one member of staff who emailed; ‘thank you for today – loved it!’ Robin was entertaining and inspiring. He had taken on everything I had asked for in order to tailor the day to suit our needs. For this I am extremely grateful as it meant a lot of juggling for him too but was so worthwhile for the staff.
Julie Ball, Executive Headteacher, Bomere & the XI Towns Federation, Shropshire
Brilliant session and such useful information provided. Best session I’ve been to. Robin was brilliant, very passionate about children and his job, gave some really insightful information not just about assessment but about schools in general. Can we have this lecturer for most of our remaining lectures? It was so interesting to hear a perspective from somebody actually in the school environment at this moment in time. Thanks to Robin for such a good day. A very engaging speaker. Thank you for enabling us to access such a thinker. Brilliant lecture, kept us engaged.
Comments from Primary Education Undergraduates
The whole day was excellent. Very well presented by an excellent Associate Consultant - very useful and thought provoking. Senior leaders have attended two courses recently - both high quality and very useful as we move forward.
Ian Dryburgh, Head Teacher, Blackrod Primary School, Bolton
All of it was useful but we really took a lot away from the SMSC as well as the core of why we do the things in the curriculum that we currently do. Robin’s presentation style and professionalism was brilliant and honest and open. He managed to work closely with the SLT in the morning and then completely change tack and inspire and motivate the rest of the teaching staff in the afternoon. Honestly the day was amazing and Robin was completely able to adapt and respond to our needs and requests. The most useful SLT day we have had facilitated by someone else, ever.
Vicki Briody, Headteacher, Abacus Belsize Primary, London