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Kind words

It was extremely useful going through the intent of our curriculum and ensuring every member of staff was part of understanding what the intent is and why. It was also useful giving the staff an overview of Ofsted’s intentions with the curriculum and what they need to be able to demonstrate. Matt’s delivery was excellent, as was the content. It reassured staff that what we are already doing is right and that we are in a great position to be able to build upon our already good curriculum. As always, we were very impressed by your company.
Anna Young, Headteacher, Wessington Primary School, Tyne & Wear
Matthew was excellent and we had a very worthwhile day. It was a great opportunity for staff to understand the meaning of ‘intent’ and to think about the curriculum that they are providing for their class, and how this sits with the rest of the school.
Catherine Craig, Headteacher, St Godrics Primary School, Durham
The whole day was so relevant for our current needs. We really enjoyed the ‘not yet’ tagline in relation to children mastering skills and most poignant was linking recognition and praise to effort rather than the outcome. We have all come away with ideas that can be put into place immediately – so thank you Matt!
Rachel Dixon, Teacher, Biddick Hall Infant School, Tyne and Wear
The opportunity to discuss continuous threads and to stop and discuss at regular points throughout the day was useful. Matt was able to adapt the day to meet our school needs. Very clear booking and delivery of session.
Rachel Wells, Head Teacher, West Heslerton CE Primary School, North Yorkshire