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Kind words

A sound approach that covered everything from the research underpinning, how to develop a strategic overview and then what this looks like in the classroom. Very easy to register and be part of - thank you!

Reignited my love of words and language.

Deep thinking about the systematic planning for vocabulary in the lesson. Loads of ideas!

Rethinking whole approach to curriculum now!

Love the examples. Great presentation. Great resources to use in class with useful analogues.

Food for thought!

The approaches to developing tier 2 and 3 words were useful.

Dovetailed well with other training around curriculum development.

Developing conceptual understanding and making connections to prior knowledge was useful. A very informative course. I will leave with a much deeper understanding of how we teach vocabulary and immerse children in rich language.

Strong research bank to intellectualise evidence and suggestions.

A comprehensive and well-structured approach. Infusing vocabulary across the curriculum.

This course has been phenomenal in explaining the ideology of infusing rich vocabulary which was clearly presented, research based and of value.

Practical elements to be used across the curriculum in a workable manner. Feeling excited!

Useful daily activities to practice. Word lists will present a good starting point for subject leaders.


Has helped me to refine own thinking and given me some valuable guidance on where to read more.

Excellent - totally relevant and brilliant! Research based practical whole school tools to infuse and embed ambitious vocabulary. Brilliantly presented and explained with superb examples with a scintillating flair. Inspired to share key messages with my staff to benefit our pupils. Thank you.

Simrat Mavi

Fantastic! I would highly recommend this course. It offers lots of practical ideas and templates that can be taken straight into the school and classroom with lots of evidence and theory to back these up with.

Danielle Callec