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Kind words

A really useful course. I particularly like how the principles are put into practice through the presentation. I am looking forward to unpicking the different areas in more detail over the next 2 weeks - and refining our assessment and lesson observation procedures as well as revisiting Rosenshine’s principles with staff.

Katherine Rawes

A super combination of pedagogy and practical application. I did this course in February and have just revisited it in preparation for the new school year.  Great for challenging thinking from what some of us may well have trained in and believed in the past.

Helen Calpin

Made me really think ‘how good is our curriculum?’ Formulating a really strong action plan was useful.

Very structured approach with lots of useful ideas to support curriculum review and how we monitor its impact. A very useful and thought provoking day. Thank you!

All excellent!

Excellent course – lots of food for thought!

Breaking down the 'Quality of Education' criteria into 6 areas. Helps to focus in on where we need to go to next.

Great enthusiasm and clear information and strategies.

So clearly broken up. Exactly where we are and what we need to focus on.

An opportunity to reflect on current practice and consider alternative approaches. Tools to adapt our curriculum.

Clarity on curriculum approach. Lots of tips and questions to take back and use to improve our practice.

Keeping us up to date and moving our thinking forward. Thank you, OFSTED loved ‘it’ (your approach).

The whole day was great – an opportunity to gain insight into ‘another way’. Links to the new framework and the subject specific references were useful.