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Kind words

Thanks Chris. Lots to take forward into my new school.

It was clear and concise without making my brain explode! By the same token, it was a valuable use of my time as I learned a lot. Very Good!

Thank you – it was interesting to reflect on how we use the milestones.

Thank you very much – a good refresher for the curriculum principles for me and some nitty gritty at the end! Perfect!

Thank you for your input. A really useful course!

A model to teach the same knowledge but at different levels of depth within a mixed age class was the most useful part of the day. We have 2 micro schools and 4 small schools as well as 2 form entry schools so curriculum conversations are not always the same! Overall, a really useful seminar in helping us to ensure we construct a curriculum to teach Florence Nightingale 3 times! Many thanks for your guidance and thought.

I am new to the school. They have used Chris’ work for a while and I attended this course to get an understanding of their approach. It was incredibly useful and inspiring for this purpose.