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Kind words

Many thanks for the expertly delivered course today, lots to take away and will be very useful to us moving forwards. It confirmed some of the choices we have made regards pedagogy and use of Rosenshine’s principles to teach new knowledge – and some food for thought regards changing strategies as children begin to build on an apply learnt knowledge. Overall, excellent very high-quality content/presentation which will impact on practice.

The threshold concepts and how they could be addressed in each year group was very useful particularly for us – a school with mixed cohorts. The knowledge schemas are really good, I like how they really focus on revisiting and refining the knowledge being taught. Outstanding, very informative and inspires deeper thinking about the curriculum.

Thank you so much for a very informative and inspiring session!

So lovely to see an alternative research-based view to the term cultural capital. Thank you!

I really like the idea of threshold concepts – promotes the sense of learning across time rather than can/can’t do it learning objectives. This must support children in becoming more successful learners and more confident.

This will really help me support those staff who are planning an activity rather than a learning outcome which links to the learning in the lesson.

Thanks Chris. A very useful, thought-provoking day.

Thank you for a really informative day which has made be think more deeper about our curriculum progression and sequencing. It has been really useful.

The concepts of the Essentials Curriculum are really clear to me now. I also found the input on assessment really useful.

Our school has the Essentials Curriculum and I now understand how it is meant to be used across the school.