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Kind words

Overall I would rate the quality of my booking as very good value for money!

The background theory behind the use of retrieval practice, the examples available at the end of the presentation and the interactive elements on how to use retrieval practice were the most useful parts of the day. 10/10 very informative, interactive and enjoyable – thanks Chris!

The whole day was useful. In particular, to hear about the science and research behind retrieval practice. It was good to gain a clear understanding as to what is meant by retrieval practice. It was useful that potential concerns were addressed and then the benefits shown. It is extremely useful having a bank of ideas that can be used in the classroom without much teacher input needed.

The course was very informative and even though we have done a lot of work on retrieval, we picked up some important messages around the purpose and variety of retrieval practice. Looking at the different levels of retrieval to ensure challenge not simply basic recall was the most useful part of the day. As always, excellent service throughout - thank you for your ongoing commitment to teachers developing their expertise!

Practical examples, new information and the retrieval element has now cemented our understanding!

Explanation of theory - good analogies that will help me exemplify the theory to other members of staff when leading an inset. Practical ideas - can be used instantly. Experience of RP - e.g. the quizzes The quality of my booking was excellent. Thank you!

Balance of theory and practical strategies were useful. Clear and explicit, recognition of time to reflect was valuable. The courses are always of very high quality.

The most useful parts of the day were that knowledge is important and the ability to be able to retrieve it from long-term memory enables you to be more creative and apply it to many situations. The more you do it the more you can bring to mind to help you think about things. Keep practicing seems to be the important message. Good for adults too! I will be talking to our staff about this, one has already done a lot of reading around this. The quality of my booking was excellent. Chris talks slowly so it’s easy to take in what he is saying. Lots of information, but time to reflect, as well as plenty of repetition!

So many practical ideas that can be used immediately. Reinforced the need to prioritise retrieval practice in the curriculum.

Strategies to use in class immediately and understanding how this can progress throughout a unit of work was really useful. I would rate the quality of my booking as excellent.