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Kind words

Very informative; excellent!

Anita Clarke

An informative and useful course -  good to be able to attend at a time convenient for me too.

Tricia Scott

I have enjoyed having access to this new learning and to learning about the theory behind the practice i.e. dual coding theory.

Maria Duggan, Teacher
West Lodge Primary, Middlesex

Examples of the 5-a-day in practice were useful. I would rate my booking as good, useful and interesting.

KL Allen, Assistant Headteacher
Lydiate Primary and Nursery School, Liverpool

Modelled examples of each of the 5 a day principles and clear visuals to go alongside the discussion were the most useful parts of the day. The pace was good and it was clear to see how everyone in the class will benefit. A really impormative session with lots to consider putting into practice. I would rate the overall quality of my booking as fantastic - really informative and clear to implement. Thank you!

Looking at the range of ideas of how to support not just SEN children, but all children in the class and consolidating the training we have had in school already based on your expertise were the most useful parts of the day. I would rate the overall quality of my booking as good and very relevant to our school's needs. 

Going through Rosenshine’s model in detail with examples was extremely useful. The SEND team and I (SENCo) will be using this training to think about what we already do well and what we can add to our provision e.g. exit tickets. Clear presentation and booking process with great information and advice from Chris, thank you!