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Kind words

The way Matt related the content to real life situations in schools was useful as was the way in which golden sentences can be used to show ‘learning’ and how these build up to paragraphs and essays. Matt was incredible - he really did you proud and the positive buzz for the start of the term was incredible! Thank you and Matt so much!!!

Tim Muggridge, Senior Trust Improvement Officer
Aletheia Academies Trust, Kent

The golden sentences and understanding the use of scaffolding for all children to access the learning was very useful. As always, Chris was clear and informative, we will definitely use you again.

Briony Blow, Assistant Headteacher
Betty Layward Primary School, London

Very informative and full of lots of examples. Thank you

Kathryn Bengtsson

Lots of great ideas and positive ways to strengthen writing across the curriculum. 

Sarah Ferguson

The course was thorough, provided a great variety of examples and activity ideas and the supporting research at the end was useful to read further. I also appreciate the planned breaks. Thank you.

Anna O'Leary

Thank you.  That was very interesting and thought-provoking.  I am already rethinking my history and geography lessons and trying out some of the things you discussed.  

Gill Day

I found the Writing to learn course very informative and well constructed. Thank you Chris Quigley for such an informative insight.

Jan Lawson

It is interesting and reassuring that this is the route that we have started down ourselves as a school. I will remain interested to see how some of those ideas break down and develop into a more practically fluid form later on... I realise this is the draft of the ideas at present. As with all your work Chris - this always leads to some great ideas for us to take forward. 

Siobhan Eastwood
St John's Primary School, Ipswich